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Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m semi-retired marketing veteran Peter Scott-Smith, founder and for more than a decade managing director of Promotional Logistics Ltd [AKA Prolog], a provider of marketing services to major multinationals, among them BirdsEye Walls, British Airways, NatWestBank, Shell UK Oil and Unilever.

But enough ancient history! These days I’m managing editor and controlling shareholder of [MTT hereon] and the aim of this blog is to acquaint my fellow marketers with this unique marketing information facility.

What is MarketingTrendtracker and How to Interrogate the MarketingTrendTracker Database?

  • MTT  is different – significantly different – to the myriad of other online marketing, advertising and media sources, in that it not only reports each day’s relevant marketing and media news but also identifies, curates and collates the current and future trends most likely to impact upon the world’s communications industries.
  • MTT’s unique database currently contains over 2,600 trends relating to marketing, advertising and media and categorised under twelve main categories and forty sub-categories. A single click on any of the twelve main categories and forty sub-categories listed in the column on the left of the home page will instantaneously display the results.

I invite you to evaluate this unique professional resource risk-free via my 180-days free trial providing unlimited access to the MTT database at zero cost. To accept my  free offer please click on this Registration link

About MTT
MarketingTrendTracker [MTT] is a brand of FiveSight LLP, a small UK based partnership owned by three business professionals, each an acknowledged specialist in the respective fields of marketing intelligence, information technology and business finance.

Contact details
Editorial Partner
12 The Green
Long Preston
BD23 4PQ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 0792 2045 483





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